Advantage of SEO service

Advantage of SEO service


Advantages of SEO

Search Engine Optimization Company Limited has SEO service that is consisted of many advantages such as:

  • Increase more visitors for your website that means to increase business opportunities by discovering of worldwide buyers.
  • Your website is easily discovered from many famous search engines as, and
  • SEO can help you to get your desirable target customer group.
  • Your website is more known that is increasing sale opportunities.
  • Your business is more superior than your same kind business competitor
  • Increase more channels by extending more markets and more customer bases to every country around the world by not having space limitation.
  • Raise more potential of business competition by presenting new products or services to new or regular customers quickly.
  • SEO boosts your business to be more credible.
  • SEO is cheaper than the other kinds of advertisement very much.

Usefulness of SEO

  • Your website will be on the better rank of search engine.
  • More visitors and more business opportunities for your business.
  • Save more expenses of website advertisement.
  • Your website can has more orders of products or services.
  • It is a website development that has usability by ordinary user, not only you and your friends.
  • There continually are more clicks and more visitations for your website.

ทำไมจึงนิยมทำ SEO

Supposing You have an online shop, there is 10,000 times of searching on search engine as Google every day, if your website is on the first rank, it means that there are 10% who clicks to visit your website from all searching users, and 15% of all visitors also decide to buy your product that you get profit 1,000 baht per a piece, when you calculate easily ;

Number of website visitors (10,000 x 10%) = 1,000 person
Number of buyers (1,000 x 15%) = 150 person
Sum of profits (150 x 1,000) = 150,000 baht